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Henry & Mudge and the Starry Night

Packaged with the " Snow Cat " vehicle. Packaged with the " Mauler M. USS Flagg commander; packaged with the "U. Flagg" aircraft carrier playset. Covert Operations. Drill Instructor. Figure available by mail-in; inspired by professional wrestler Sgt. Bridge Layer Driver. Packaged with the " Toss 'n Cross " bridgelayer vehicle. Covert operations. Packaged with the " H. The Fridge. Figure available by mail-in; inspired by football player William Perry.

Packaged with the " Tomahawk " helicopter. Packaged with the " Conquest X " fighter jet. Packaged with the " Persuader " vehicle. Fast Draw. Packaged with the " Defiant " space shuttle playset. Cousin of Storm Shadow. Green Beret. Packaged with the " Crossfire " 4WD vehicle. Sneak Peek. Believed KIA vol. Later revealed that he survived, recovered, and was sent on a secret undercover mission. Figure available by mail-in; also released in as Skyduster. Later becomes commander of Comandos Heroicos. Steam Roller.

Packaged with the " Mobile Command Center ".

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Packaged with the " Rolling Thunder " vehicle. Packaged with the " Phantom X " stealth fighter. Packaged with the " Desert Fox " vehicle. Packaged with the " Tiger Rat " fighter plane. Spearhead and Max. Packaged with the " Mean Dog " vehicle. Packaged with the " Skystorm " helicopter. Packaged with the " Mudfighter " bomber.

Hot Seat. Packaged with the " Raider " vehicle. Packaged with the " Thunderclap " vehicle. Another Long Range action figure was released in , as part of the 4" G. Joe: Sigma 6 toyline.

Clarion Athletics

Packaged with the " Arctic Blast " vehicle. Airwave's real name is listed as Cliff V. The same name was used a few years later for Colonel Courage , though the character is African-American and born in a different city. Hand-to-hand combat Specialist. Cold Front. Packaged with the " Avalanche " vehicle.

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Drop Zone. General mobile headquarters commander. Rapid Fire. Static Line. Packaged with the " Retaliator " helicopter. Heavy Duty is Roadblock's cousin. Although the first General Flagg action figure to be released, he is actually the son of the original leader of the G. Nunchaku ninja. Long Arm.

Robo-Joe's real name is listed as Greg Scott, the same name used for Lifeline 's v5 and v6 file cards. Snow Storm. The original G. Joe, given his first figure in the A Real American Hero line to celebrate thirty years of the series. His filecard lists both his O-2 and present day details. Ice Cream Soldier. Space Shot. She is the illegitimate half-sister of the Baroness , and has taken on her identity as a spy for the G.

Joe team. Sure Fire.

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Barrel Roll. Barrel Roll is the brother of both G. Joe Bombstrike and Cobra Black Out. Cross Hair. Depth Charge. Hollow Point. Red Spot. TRU Exclusive. The original leader of the G. Hard Drive.

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Bombstrike is the sister of both G. Tiger Claw. Red Zone. Med Alert. Specialist Trakker. Leader of M. Original character from Double Helix 's " G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra " video game, hence her code name. Stiletto is a Cobra agent undercover in the G. Convention Exclusive; G. Joe Doc is the niece of the original "Doc" Convention Exclusive; Jammer is an American ex-pat. Packaged with the Cobra " H. Packaged with the Cobra " Viper Glider ".

Packaged with the Cobra " Water Moccasin " vehicle. Cobra Anti-Armor Specialist. Packaged with the Cobra " Stinger " vehicle.

Beach Hosts Hawai'i in Friday Whiteout Match on ESPNU - Long Beach State University Athletics

Packaged with the Cobra " Rattler " fighter plane. Ship to home. Free pickup. Free pickup today. Retailer Walmart. Width - Front to Back Less than 3 in. Dry Erasers Dry Erasers. Pens Pens.