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The Words of Odin the High One
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By this time, many Scandinavian tribes had migrated into the Northern European continent. Their encounter with Slavic and Celtic and Hunnish of Siberian, possibly Mongolian origin, may also have been influental tribes must have led to some cultural fusion, more importantly it led to an increasingly military culture. By the time of contact with the civilized Roman Empire, the German tribes excelled in the image of barbaric, primitive and blood-thirsty warriors.

Roman influence happened, and the sacred letters, the runes, were possibly based on the Roman alphabet. I have, however, seen a sample of ancient Jemenite letters that predate the Roman empire that seem extremely similar to the runes.

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At the time, Rome harbored many important Mystery religions. A fusion of all these three possible cultural nurturers of Mystery traditions is also possible. Religion is never a closed system, it draws on other systems all the time.

The first German tribes to be converted were the Goths, during the 4 th century A. Not until the late 11 th century was the Church established in these areas.

Happily Heathen: Know Your Lore — The Poetic Edda

Norse paganism struggled for its survival and in many places did not give up without armed resistance. We know that this changed attitudes over time, especially towards witchcraft performed by males, which began to be seen as an unmanly craft, and attitudes towards women. See article on the Eddas value as source to genuine paganism for more on this. Bronze Age Characterized by worship of the sun goddess and warrior ideology, three major gods known by weapons, see other article about this subject.

Tolkien’s Elder Edda | The New Yorker

My initial impression is that it is impressive that there could be such continuity and building on traditions through those ages, it seems to stand in stark contrast to the transition to christianity. I am wondering and very intrigued about whether you implying or do you think its possible that these three roots are part of the original symbolism of the valknutr?

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I think the Valknutr has something to do with the Three by Nine concept of Norse myths related to the number of worlds and the number of universal mothers nine and norns, but it would be hard to make a definite statement on the basis of so little information about the symbol. Are you aware iam sure you are! That is identical to futharc yet read backwards ….

I find that very odd … can you shead some light on this pls. In turn, the Prose Edda is of central value to ancient Germanic studies. The present article is not intended to be an introduction to the Prose Edda , but rather a survey of extant translations of the book. That said, some discussion regarding the books of the Prose Edda will assist many new or novice readers of the text in approaching some of the topics breached below. While the original form in which Snorri composed and compiled the work which we know today as the Prose Edda remains unclear, extant manuscripts of the Prose Edda reflect four distinct sections:.

Prologue: A brief section presenting the North Germanic gods as deified humans a rationalizing concept known as euhemerization. The authorship of this section remains particularly unclear—the prologue may have been an addition to an earlier form of the Prose Edda by an unknown author. Gylfaginning : A frame story-driven narrative consisting primarily of dialogue between three deity-like entities and Gylfi, a legendary king.

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Gylfaginning focuses primarily on providing information derived from a genre of poetry known as eddic poetry essentially, poems in a style in line with those of the Poetic Edda. Completely written in verse, the Elder Edda later became known as the Poetic Edda to distinguish it from Snorri's prose counterpart.

The Poetic Edda was among those gifts.

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  5. The Codex Regius is a cherished artefact containing ancient myths and stories of heroes that cannot be found elsewhere. Older copies of the Codex Regius and its sources that may have once existed were lost or destroyed. It currently contains 90 pages, but 16 of those went missing sometime after it went to Denmark.

    The Poetic Edda took a bit of an evolutionary divergence from the Codex Regius as other poems were added to the Poetic Edda over the years. The contents of any modern Poetic Edda vary and depend on the author. As translated by Olive Bray, stanzas and explain:.

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    It was by good fortune that the Codex Regius of the Poetic Edda was preserved. Widespread destruction of pagan manuscripts occurred in the 18th century CE across Europe. Additionally, in CE the Great Fire in Copenhagen tragically burned at least one-third of the city including over 35, volumes of books and a large collection of historical documents at the University of Copenhagen library.

    Today, the Eddas are a key to the ancient world of Germanic history. More than just a vast source of mythology, the Eddas reveal the intimate relationships between humans, gods, and nature, and the deep reverence that was built upon these beliefs. This is especially significant in light of a resurgence of Icelandic Pagan religion.

    Additionally, the extensive usage of the Eddas across the world as resources for Norse studies testifies to their scholastic relevance. Both the Prose and Elder Eddas are national treasures that have captured history within their poetic pages and are a testament to the tenacity of the Icelanders to remember and preserve their precious heritage.

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