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I first started thinking of animals symbolically as a way to connect with the natural world during my wonder walks. Once I opened my eyes to them, I saw them everywhere and a curiosity blossomed.

This re-kindled my childhood love for natural history and I began painting animals in my sketchbooks while studying their traits and what they symbolized to man throughout history. Before long, I was offering animal totem paintings at local art fairs to entertain children who came in with their parents.

The very first Totem painting was during a solo adventure up the beautiful California Coast where I saw a white Pacific Octopus at the Monterrey Aquarium and promptly fell in love.

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An Animal Totem Deck for Wonder-Seekers

They could demonstrate unusual behavior, possess an unusual appearance, show specific knowledge of controlled drugs and give textbook symptoms — or provide evasive answers to medical questions. They also may injure the animal in order to obtain the drugs.