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A combined covered call and uncovered put accomplish this, assuming that a few basic precautions are followed. First among these is You may know all about covered and uncovered call writing and the degrees of risk involved. But the uncovered put belongs in your arsenal as well. The short put offers great profit potential with limited risk.

However, short puts are overlooked by many traders. In volatile markets, inevitable paper losses tie up capital and prevent you from moving ahead. So what do you do? Do you just wait and hope the market price rebounds?

Do you cut your losses and move your cash to more promising stocks? Or are there other choices? If you still consider the company a worthwhile investment, you can use options as part of a recovery strategy. Options, those high-risk, short-lived, and speculative instruments, can be used as a valuable alternative in swing trading strategies designed to move in and out of stock positions based on very short-term price movement.

Skip to main content. Michael C. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Previous page. Audible Audiobook.

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Kindle Edition. Next page. Books By Michael C. In the 2,year history of the Roman Catholic Church, heretical movements have repeatedly challenged the central doctrinal authority of the pope. This historical overview explains the construction and beliefs of the organized movements, both large and small, and documents the individuals and their efforts in challenging papal infallibility, singular doctrine, and the Inquisition.

It examines how, in spite of Church efforts at maintaining singular control, heretics have continued to emerge from ancient times into modern times.

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This book places heretical movements in their proper context, examining how the evolution of cultural and social changes in the Christian world affected how the Church was able to enforce its claimed authority. Other Formats: Paperback.

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Buy now. Book 94 17 Dec, An up-to-date guide to the complex world of equities Getting Started in Stock Investing and Trading walks investors and traders through the essential information they need to know before they decide what kind of participant they want to be in equities. The book covers investment risks, value investing, market strategies, trading methods such as day and swing trading, technical indicators, and diversifying your portfolio, and Offers a thorough overview of strategies and tools that investors need to profit from the volatile equities markets Provides examples, charts, and timely additions that reflect recent changes in the equities markets Other titles by Thomsett: Getting Started in Bonds and eight editions of Getting Started in Options.

This is the eBook version of the printed book. Discover four simple ways to uncover exceptional value in equities with strong fundamentals. An up-to-date primer on the energy markets: everything you must know before you trade. How to use short puts to earn consistent profits with surprisingly limited risk.

How options can help you recover losses in stock investments you still want to keep. More Information.

Other Formats: Paperback. Buy now. This is the eBook version of the printed book. Why covered calls are so popular, how they limit your risks, and how to use them successfully.

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Supplying practical tools and illuminating examples, the book gives readers the guidance and information they need to control their individual portfolios, take control of their investments, and maximize their long-term success in the ever-changing market. Between and , more than , German citizens resisted the Nazi government. Many were imprisoned for political crimes which included both active attempts to remove Hitler from office and passive attempts to oppose the Nazi regime. Resistance was found among university students, churches and even in the German military.

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Options are an integral part of any financial portfolio, but they can be intimidating to the average investor. While often viewed as risky, the truth is that, if used properly, options can be one of the best tools for balancing a portfolio. In fact, they can help investors protect themselves from downside risk and leverage capital to make bigger plays than would otherwise be possible. In Winning with Options, Michael C. Thomsett offers nontechnical, easy-to-follow advice for readers who need guidance on important techniques related to portfolio management, such as diversification and risk management.

With the stock market as unpredictable as the economy, many investors believe the commodities market presents a less volatile, and more predictable, investment opportunity. In clear, accessible language, commodities expert Michael C. Thomsett explains each of these investment strategies as it relates to specific commodities, such as crude oil, wheat and other grains, precious metals, basic and luxury food items, and foreign currency exchange. This book makes investment trading using Technical Analysis easy to understand for any level of investor.

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This book offers to teach you a simple and concise system that helps you trade profitably and avoid making the wrong trades, without the complexities that normally derail so many traders. The book removes the confusion and uncertainty in making trading decisions so you can manage trades successfully. Support and Resistance. It's one of the most basic - and most important - elements of technical trading.

Because it eliminates most of the "guesswork" and allows you to make logical, well-supported trading decisions, rather than impulsive, emotion-driven choices.

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From basic to complex strategies, every nuance and vital new application is explained in easy-to-follow terms. Trendlines, Channels, Chart Patterns, and more - are covered. More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page.

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