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  1. What Happens When Fathers Don’t Love Their Daughters? | MadameNoire
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Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase Over the years I have had read numerous books of this nature, but always find myself returning to read a section, a paragraph or a few pages.

What Happens When Fathers Don’t Love Their Daughters? | MadameNoire

A wonderful book that I have had the opportunity to share with numerous friends. I think I have purchased at least 20 copies a gifts. A must read. Format: Paperback This book is extremely well written and very insightful. A great book for any man or any father of a boy. The book is full of wisdom and advice that will provide insight to the reader on how to convey values to their son.

It crafts solid explainations to difficult questions that men have throughout life. The book gives the reader the tools to become a better person and to appreciate other people and life in general. It could be called "the gentle-mans coaching guide". I couldn't put the book down until I finished it and I can't remember the last time that happened.

Hats off to the author for crafting this magnificient work which gets us to stop and think about what is important.


That's quite a feat in this "point and click" society. Format: Paperback I have over a hundred books on fatherhood and raising a son. Some are good. Some are cute.

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Some are scholarly. Only Letters to my Son is profound. It's hard being a dad. This book tells me why it's worth the struggle. Fatherhood is the biggest responsibility of all. This book will help you do it right. Thanks, Mr. After five years I still return to this book for guidance. Format: Paperback I first came across this book because I saw an email with the chapter on "Partners and Marriage" circulating on the Web.

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That chapter was one of the highlights of this book. It was falsely attributed, but a quick search of the Internet revealed its true author.

Its chapters share Nerburn's accumulated insights on life and matters that concern males across generations. The male instinct does not encourage the sharing of many private matters - many fathers are unwilling, or perhaps unable, to discuss these topics with their male heirs. Yet these questions rise up again and again to trouble generation after generation of men. Nerburn has done us all a favour by addressing this book to all men, young and old. He speaks of matters you wished your father had shared with you. Somewhere inside, there are gems of wisdom that can change your outlook in life.

Like any fatherly advice, some parts do not go down easy. They may sound like words from another era, of someone who's not quite in touch with your generation. But on deeper reflection, they echo a timeless truth, and speak of eternal principles that guide our lives. A book well-worth your money and time. Format: Paperback I am 26 and I just became a father. I still feel like a kid myself. Someone gave me this book for a birthday present.

I read it to see if these were letters I would send my son. They are not really letters but more like essays or thoughts. This man says so many things I wish I could say. He helps me understand what is important in my life, what is important to teach my boy when he gets old enough. I don't always agree with Kent Nerburn's thinking. But I think he is very wise.

I wish my dad was like him. I hope I can be a dad like him. The Bible clearly states that God created humankind male and female Genesis God is the source of everything that makes men men and women women. He designed the differences in physique, in emotions, in intellectual and psychological composition. He is the author of masculinity and femininity. But why? Even those who claim to get their religion from the Bible—can they explain Genesis ? Why did God create sex?

Collate all the observable and scriptural evidence, and you can clearly see that God created these differences to establish order and structure, especially within the family. Non-Bible believers scoff at this scripture. But godly men and women see simple logic and beauty in it. For the sake of order and organization, God created men to fulfill one set of responsibilities within the family and within society, and He created women to fill a different and beautifully complementary set of responsibilities.

The Bible shows that men and women, of themselves, are incomplete. Ish is the Hebrew root word for ishshah, just as man is the root for woman. God appointed the man as head of the wife Ephesians The woman was to be his helper, his assistant Genesis This is the reality that God created and revealed to humankind. It is a vital key to individual, family and societal success! It brings peace to your home and success to your relationships with women.

Are you willing to honestly evaluate yourself and your own attitudes? Are you prepared to discard wrong ideas? Will you accept truth, even when it hurts? In His eyes, true masculinity is the evidence you see in the words and deeds of a man embracing his God-given role—his destiny as a man. In doing so, he is taking on the character and divine nature of God the Father and Jesus Christ. A masculine man sets his mind to attain the strong qualities of sound character, rock-solid confidence and strength.

He is an unselfish, stable, dominant though not domineering , decisive leader. Yet he is balanced and tempered by the complementary traits of humility, attentiveness, gentleness and refinement. In short, he strives to live as Jesus Christ did.

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A positive, upbeat outlook is the first thing you notice. True masculinity starts in the mind. He is a man of balance. He is not egotistical or arrogant, but rather has proper humility, recognizing his own limitations and his deep need for God Isaiah ; John He allows God to use and develop his talents and abilities for their best use. His life clearly centers on God.

He shows the mindset and demeanor of a man who is in effective daily contact with God through prayer and Bible study. Though content with his station in life Philippians , he has real drive and ambition—not because he craves personal aggrandizement, but because he wants to help and serve others, to fulfill his God-given potential, and to bring God glory. This understanding, tempered by experience, drives out unmanly feelings of inferiority and fear.

The masculine man is a man of conviction. He uses common sense and good judgment. He strives to practice what he preaches, to eliminate hypocrisy and to embody sincerity. He accepts correction gracefully and is not destroyed by criticism. He faces challenges head on, alert to opportunities. The masculine man is master of his body.

He maintains vigor, vitality and good health. He tempers his appetites, gets proper exercise and is careful to get good rest. He has the self-control to abstain from drunkenness, premarital sex, illicit drug use and other vices that may tempt him. He is also unafraid to show emotion John He feels and expresses both joy and pain, yet controls his temper. He is an understanding man, skilled in the art of tact and diplomacy. He is attentive to women and children.


The truly masculine man draws other people to him. People sense that he is different, and recognize a winning attitude of right leadership. He demonstrates self-respect, as well as respect for others. He appreciates the role of women. At the same time, he takes charge when necessary, properly using authority in a godly manner. He is a blessing to his wife and children, providing security, attentive engagement, successful leadership, firm guidance, emotional stability and real love. He inspires esteem from other men and respect from women, providing an example they can look to.