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A fine new copy with very little wear despite its age. Dispatched with speed from the UK Despite the rollicking ride of our current social, economic and political climate, the rare and collectible book trade seems to be booming. Here are some of the most interesting books sold by Biblio booksellers in Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting Walt Disney! What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Basket 0. Basket 0 items. Toggle navigation. It may seem remarkable that the most ancient Egyptian view of cosmic order should have survived for three thousand years.

The view was in ritualistic terms, and also had sufficient resilience to find at a later stage, in the systematic categories of Hellenistic philosophical thinking. The ancient Egyptians' belief in cosmic order serves to place them within a wider human context, for the search for an understanding of the principle, power or force which binds the universe together has long dominated the mind of man. Even today scientists are striving to discover the "fifth energy" which is responsible for the inherent order of the universe.

Cosmos and Human. How can a person be proportioned to an infinitely small and infinitely large? Penetration into an infinitesimal Space. Infinitely small Cosmos and its connection with human.

Einstein's Cosmic Man

Cosmos and its connection with human. Cosmos outside the Universe. On the proportionality between Human and the developed Cosmos. The development of martial arts and technology Taijiquan. About the process of human cognition of the cosmos. Development of perception. Space house. Etherlords and their worlds. What is Good and Evil in the Cosmos? The first and second are the Cosmos law. Spinal Cord and Cosmos. Individuality and Cosmos the third essence. Contacts with aliens.

Examination for the academic degree Master of Humanism.

Types of physical natural human teleportation. Activation of body energies for natural teleportation. The importance of the soul in teleportation. The development of the ability of physical natural teleportation. Physical contact with the Creator of the Universe. Code of conduct in the Cosmos. The value of natural teleportation and further research on the University. Artificial teleportation and application. New discoveries in Cosmos.

Free flight in Cosmos. About physical love between an Earthling and an alien. Definition of a hobby. Definition of a profession. Learning the basics of your hobby.

Earthly and Cosmic Man

Example of a hobby "Science": a parallel world of the Earth. Example of a hobby "Science": psychological mechanics. Learning the basics of your profession. Example of a profession - Teacher or parent of the children. Development of internal capacities human. Evolution of human in the distant future. Examination for a scientific degree Doctor of Humanism. Ticket number 1. A letter has come to you.

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Ticket number 2. Security of contacts with aliens and other worlds. Ticket number 3. Title Wisdom is cosmic and the future of earthly civilization. One of the possibilities of Human At an early stage, the energy from the heart center rushes to fill the cosmos with a large order of dimensionality: beyond the universe or beyond the boundaries of the length of about 10 27 m and the duration between events of several hundred billion years.

The energies penetrating the cyclopean horizons of existence have a clear structure; on the basis of them there is an energy-information exchange between the existence of high dimensionality and our own, the establishment of connections between the cosmos, where, say, the atom has a length of 10 times greater than the universe, the other. This is the first part of the energies of the heart center. Conditionally, they can be compared to a giant stem of a plant.

The clock struck several blows, and the energy of the chest, like an inflated rubber chewing gum, burst, scattering the spit of the soul in different directions.

An earthly search for gold's cosmic origins | Science

An unbearable light flashed. Like the last time, he instantly filled my senses.

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Skin, internal organs, brain and mind were set up under bright rays. Attempts to hide from merciless light were useless. There was no shadow, just like earthly matter. The light weakened a little, and I saw a semi-transparent plant sipalot rising from the "torn" breast, wriggling. I could cover it with my palms, touch and fill with a wonderful light from the escape that has just appeared to the world around me.

But to restrain the growth of the shoot was impossible - the plant knew why it was born, where to strive, where the sky, and where the earth. It rapidly penetrated the atmosphere of the planet, entered the airless space and rushed into the energy from the heart center rushing to fill the cosmos with a large order of dimensionality of the open space. In a moment my perception was filled with the cold of the distant macrocosm. I was not there, there was a plant, three tender leaves on a living stalk and around the distance of the Black-Flamed Abyss.

The ascended translucent stem, through which the Macrocosm was visible, had extended internal structures. The plant stretched a thin glowing vein through hundreds of thousands of parsecs to the Galaxy. Twisted spiral sleeves rotated in a barely perceptible millennial run around a bright galactic core. In the innumerable cluster of stars, large clusters of nebulae and constellations shone: then blue, then dark red. Feelings, hopes and expectations of hundreds of millions of inhabited planets flamed over the huge star world.

Somewhere among them, people of the planet Earth, with cares and hopes, for many tens of thousands of years circled around the heart of the Galaxy; there I was The second part of the energy penetrates into the depths of the human body and fills the space of negative order of magnitude or L, where, say, universes have a length of times smaller than ours.

These energies also have a certain structure, and perform the functions of extracting nutrient material for the growth of the soul.