e-book Crossroads of Agony : Suffering and Violence in the Christian Tradition

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Choosing heros, beliefs, activities and groups that allow some sense of security, direction, personal expression and sense of worth and significance. That is, following arbitrary cultural rules or societal expectations - or "world of symbols" representing security and approval 4 Final realization that cultural symbols and expectations go beyond survival needs and begin to become vain, wasteful or even maladaptive to the real environment. We begin to search for security, meaning and a sense of approval, belonginess, direction from many alternative strategies.

We accept no world view is absolute. Finally separating imaginery status symbols from the actual biological requirements of healthy and happy social life. Thursday, December 4, -- PM.

God is Fire, Water, Air. God is the Life, Existance of Life , and Death. These have immense power which does not have a shape. We can see it, We can fell it but we fail to reliase it, We tend to look for answers womewhere else. Friday, June 5, -- PM.

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I am a tortured agnostic erring on the side of atheism. I want to believe but I can't. I got here by googling 'how can people believe in God' and found this. The article helped, but the comments didn't. Too many of the comments hold the existence of God to be self-evident without managing to provide any substantial reason why. They believe it, and therefore it is true.

This scares me because it makes me realise why religions have always historically fought each other - they are unable to give substantial reasons why the other is wrong. The universe seems meaningless. There is no Great Protector. There is only us, and our meaningless existences, and there is faith, and belief, which people die defending. There is war, and horror, and uncertainty.

It is the uncertain man who is intelligent and the certain man who is stupid. The difference is that the certain man has no fear. Irrationality is required for civilization to progress.

Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard

But irrationality is what makes humanity blow itself to pieces. I want to believe, but if God created the universe and has the power to stop evil but chooses not to, surely he is evil? What sort of God would sit back and watch something like the Holocaust? What sort of God would create harlequin babies? What sort of God would create a Hell to punish the sinners for ever and ever?

An insane one, that's what. Friday, October 16, -- PM.

Holy Saturday: The Tomb and the Tether of Love

What mastermind could put together 66 books by more than 40 authors and have it written over a period of years? Incredibly, all of these authors point to the same two ultimate destinations: first, an everlasting paradise offered as a free gift to those who believe; and second, a place of eternal torment for those who reject the gift.

What could this many authors possibly gain by coming up with such an extraordinary story on their own and then presenting it as truth? It certainly didn't make their lives any easier. Why would some of these same authors allow themselves to be tortured to death rather than recant their message? These clues provide healing from spiritual insanity for anyone who is open-minded.

Are you open-minded or close-minded about Christ? Who would ever make up a story that a God of love sent His only Son to suffer torture at the hands of men? How loving is that unless God really did love the world so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins just as the Bible states?

Why out of thousands of religions in the world does only one religion offer forgiveness of sins as a free gift? Why does this one religion just so happen to be the only religion that has each of these 40 authors over years describing the same reality? How did they all get their writings to fit together so well and with so much consistency? Were each one of these authors insane, except for their remarkable ability to agree with one another about heaven and hell and the Messiah? If they were not insane, then why would all the authors over many centuries contribute to such a conspiracy of deceit about a mythical God and a far-fetched narrative of redemption?

Do you have enough faith and enough evidence to truly believe that it has all just been a worldwide hoax? Are you sane enough to see how it takes more faith based on less evidence to reject Christ than it takes to accept Him as your Lord and Savior? How insane is it for you to live 80 years upon this earth for yourself just hoping that the Bible is wrong about Jesus and about heaven and hell?

How crazy is it for you to risk spending one year in agony, yet alone forever and ever in unimaginable torment? Who would ever lie and make up such a place? If you don't believe in absolutes, then you are not really positive that Christianity is wrong, are you? Please read this next sentence slowly and carefully: Are you really willing to risk spending billions upon billions of years in hell rather than repent of your sin and accept a free gift from a loving God who has given us a written revelation of eternity?

What if you really were insane on this issue? You wouldn't know that you were insane, would you? Are you willing to admit that it is possible that you are insane about Christianity and about your need for salvation? How can you be absolutely sure that Christianity is wrong and that you are right?

Stotfold Methodists :: The Church at the Crossroads

Not the 40 authors over years, but you! What makes you the right one?

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There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.? Proverbs To quote a well-known motivational speaker from the ? Stop the Insanity? Do you realize why God has allowed you to read this article right now at this very moment in your life? If you are unwilling to be healed of your spiritual insanity, then you won? That rejection of God's good news for you would provide you with proof of the insanity of unbelief. Are you too insane to recognize your own insanity, or is there a glimmer of spiritual sanity in your soul today?

Tuesday, November 17, -- PM.


Christianity and the Institutionalization of Anti-Semitism | SpringerLink

Being smart doesn't mean you're honest. It might even mean you're a clever and intelligent liar. While it's possible for smart people who have integrity problems to pretend a belief in god, even smartly--any modern educated human being who truthfully and without evasion asks probing questions about the existence of god will come up with a negative. But that's been the case for near a years now.

Sunday, December 20, -- PM. God is nothing but a fragment created by the human mind so that they can live their lives believing they are safe.